Our firm services in capital market sectors covers acquisitions of publicly listed companies, debt   exchanges, exchange offers, go-private transactions, Initial Public Offering (IPO) and   secondary offerings, consolidation mergers of publicly listed companies, note programs,offerings (debt and equity, including convertible bonds, warrants and options), rights Issues,securities exchange listings and tender offers. 



Our firm also advises on a wide variety of issues arising under Indonesia’s Capital Market law, including those relating to private placements, debt/equity conversions, conflict of interest transactions, insider trading, tender offers, and general disclosure and reporting requirements.



In line to the above, our firm provides companies, arrangers/underwriters ,financial institutions, investor and investment banks with a wide range of services relating to both public and private debt and equity offerings, including capital market regulations. 



Further, our firm regularly assists in mergers,acquisitions and restructuring activities, and in the establishment of securities companies and venture capital companies. We assist our clients to prepare for, execute, IPOs and rights issues, exchangeable and convertible bonds, warrants and other commercial paper transactions,employee stock option plans, mutual funds, tender offers as well as on all aspects of capital markets regulatory and compliance issues.


We have also represented both issuers and fund managers in mutual fund registrations and distribution, and convertible bond and long and medium term note issuance, as well as have been involved in swap transactions, repurchase (repo) transactions and other derivative products.